Gatekeeper needs these permissions to operate properly.
New features may require new permissions, if the bot is missing permissions then try reinviting the bot using the Invite GateKeeper link in the navigation bar.
Features labelled with the [ʙᴇᴛᴀ] tag may require additional permissions, you can add these by visiting your Server Settings > Roles > GateKeeper > Permissions > enabling the required permission listed in the documentation.
Channels can also have their own permissions which can cause errors, ensure the bot also has the correct permission in the channel!
Manage Roles
Used to grant users roles
Read Messages
Used to receive commands
Send Messages
Used to respond to commands
Used to send welcome messages
Embed Links
GateKeeper's responses often use an embedded message
Add Reactions
Used for reaction roles
Use External Emojis
Used for adding reactions roles from other servers
Used for GateKeeper's responses which may use external emojis
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